Time For The Military To Defend The United States Of America

Declaration of Independence

When we think about America,

some would think about the one time commercial that has been rammed down our throats, I have fallen and can’t get up, I think it was Life Alert. Or where’s the beef, showing a hundred year old lady who can barely see over the steering wheel of her car in the Wendy’s drive through asking “Where’s The Beef”. Is where these big elite companies came up with the idea Americans are easily manipulated. Yes Media, TV, and Hollywood started it all. Easily entertain the human race. It is called subliminal advertisement. Its when without you knowing your subconscious is listening and your brain is being programmed with what ever is on the screen. At first Americans were being programmed only in the evening hours. Reason being most people worked and kids did not come in until the street lights came on. We all played together and respected our elders.  America was so much better when we made our own choices.

In the past America was very Constitutionally Free. Then came the Internet a place Americans and all humans can sit and be programmed every evening and in some cases all day long. Our Government still wanted more control, so they then came up with a phone you carried around with miniature TV’s. A new way to program Humans 24 hours a day. Now known as Mobile Human programing Electronic devices. We call them Computer in bedded IPHONE, IPAD, and Laptops. It is a genius idea to control all the human race. And the sad part is we are all falling for it. Just like the Government planned. Most people are confused of what is going on. So the Government continues with the confusing pressures programming humans through these habit forming devices.  Dividing us by nationality and race. You may feel trapped or overwhelmed by all of these pressures.

You are not alone this is a Government planned programming experiment on the human race. Which brings us to why the Founding Fathers of the United States had seen these times coming. So they created the Declaration of Independence and later ratified the U.S. Constitution which gives Americans the Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution protecting the rights to keep and bear arms. Which intentionally forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition. They knew the programming of the human race would continue to strengthen the Governments control over all. And now all Americans are contributing in the fight between good and evil. Human programming is now out of control.

I do not know all the answers,

but I do know right from wrong. As I am sure many Americans still do. And I do know the degenerates running Our White House, and all the crime being committed right in front of all of us needs to come to a end. Time for our Military to step in and force these violators to follow the “LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” as our CONSTITUTION REQUIRES. Americans now know by proven facts the 2020 election was fraudulently stolen. Requiring  Government by law to return the vote to the legal winner immediately including all other elections that have been fraudulently stolen. Mail in ballots should never be used again to steal elections. Joe Biden is a pedophile and molested his own children. The Entire Biden Crime Family is committing Extortion and TREASON against America. Child trafficking is the elites drug of choice. The elites belong to a evil cult that drinks babies blood. Epstein serviced all the elites, and his list needs to be made public. And all on the list held accountable for the evil they have caused against our children. The immigrants breaking our laws every day by illegally coming over the border in some cases with drugs should be arrested and sent back to enforce our immigration rules of law. Obama should be arrested for forgery knowing his  birth certificate was forged and used illegally to obtain a presidency. Obama is Gay, and his wife is a man, and recently allegedly had sexual relationship with his own cook and then murdered him before he could release a book he was writing to expose the Obama Crime Family. The COVID VAX was meant to depopulate the World. Michael Byrd and Nancy Pelosi should be jailed for the murder of ASHLI BABBITT. Ray Epps should be in prison. Pfizer and all other drug companies involved who forced the influence of COVID VAX for monetary value should be charged with the murder of millions of Americans. Dr Fauci should be locked up forever. Cancer is purposely caused by the Government. And now the Government is talking about poisoning the water and food we eat on purpose. All historical statues should be returned to all locations removed from.


And the Afro pick statue representing  Black Americans in Georgia is a insult.  Activist asking for reparations might just try getting a job like the rest of us Americans. And just to be clear, Ukraine is laughing at us all the way to the bank?


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