Pella Corporation Tim Yaggi Please Appreciate Your Customers


I apologize for having to go to this level, just reaching out to find anyone running your company who actually knows or cares about your customer? I know your time is valuable, And so is my lifetime saving of my money to build a new house in ST Augustine Fl. paid ($36,000.00 for your Pella windows and doors)? It is important to me to reach out to you to let you know your Pella Corporation has forgotten how important your customers are. Pella was once a reputable company. My name is Richard I have been directed in a complete circle with no communication to receive my windows and doors from your company. It has been the most unprofessional ill experience I have ever endured. Between Lowes taking my order to no follow-up and forgetting all the hardware to windows and doors required after months of waiting, then Pella delivering the wrong windows and then damaging our doors and then sending the damaged doors again and wrong windows? Your company Pella and Lowes pointing the finger at each other to take the blame? With no one considering the customer. It has been a total disaster of communication. Lowes tells us untruths, Pella tells us untruths, and then your own corporate (Marsha Roig Lowes) (Ellison Marvin CEO Lowes) (Susan Corp Pella) employees are lied too what a big mess? Since i am being forced to endure these unprofessional experiences it is important to reach out to you to share that there is No organization and no professionalism to handle your sales of windows and doors in my case?
Now I have wrong windows installed , damaged doors and no hardware for your 3 point locking door. Which I was just recently finally notified that only Pella has this hardware to operate my doors and was told it should of been included with my doors?. Which means at this time my home is unsecured and my electrical contractor can not start installing with out a secure house. Which will cause more delays in building my home. Just another delay after experiencing a 6 month delay on receiving my doors and windows from your Pella Corporation. Not to mention your factory who makes these doors are also in Chaos, they send the correct hardware for casement windows that open the wrong way? This means the Pella logo on the handles are upside down? Kind of like your company seams to be headed. UPSIDE DOWN _CHAOS! Which means now it may cost me more money to reschedule. Your Pella company does not and will not consider the inconveniences you are causing on the scope of work to the customer who just spent $36,000.00 on windows and doors that he can not secure! At this time I am just asking for the 3 point locking hardware and door hardware that was supposed to be delivered with my purchase? To secure my home to avoid anymore delays and cost. A simple overnight mailing procedure does exist for this locking system and door hardware to secure my home. Yet no one will return calls or offer to expedite all the door hardware to secure my home that was not shipped with the doors? So the question is when will Pella Corporation Appreciate the Customer?
Can someone from Pella with simple professionalism please expedite me some hardware?


Executive Customer Relations Lowes
Marsha Roig
866-284-8989 ext. 7046937583

Direct Line : 704-693-7583

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