MSNBC, CNN, and the Big Three outlets Misrepresenting Biden Impeachment Inquiry

MSNBC, CNN, and the Big Three outlets all blacked out live coverage of the Biden impeachment inquiry. Here is everything they claim ‘didn’t happen’ at the hearing.

The media also misrepresented what actually took place. They had a three-part strategy: Spin, lie, and cover up. All to protect a patently corrupt first family whose pater familias is presiding over the United States.

And quite disastrously, I might add, demonstrating extremely weak and suspect policies towards two countries who have featured prominently in his administration’s foreign relations, Ukraine and China.

Now House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer has obviously seen enough and thinks an actual impeachment of Joe Biden is justified. Period. Case closed.

Here is what he said: “There’s overwhelming evidence that Joe Biden was involved in all of these shady business schemes. That’s a problem. That’s a threat to our national security. We’re going to continue to move forward and follow the money.”

But while the Democrats may scoff at such a notion, believing there’s been no smoking gun, that is not needed to justify impeachment. It’s like if an investigator was tracking a suspect, and wherever he went, dead bodies followed. But nobody is quite sure where the bodies are buried.

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley shot down the myth that you need Joe’s fingerprints on a murder weapon to prove that he is an accessory to the crime.

“Can a benefit to your family be a benefit to you?” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked.

“There’s been a repeated statements that you need to show that that President Biden accepted direct money in order for this to constitute a benefit… the courts have rejected that argument,” Turley replied. “But this idea that you can have millions going to a politician’s family and that’s not a benefit, I think is pretty fallacious.”

So the main question seems to be, was there a quid pro quo for Joe? And was there actual access being sold during Joe Biden’s time in office?

And on that point, there can be no doubt that there was actual access being sold to Joe Biden because of the extremely unusual amount of access that Hunter Biden’s business associates had to the White House when he was Vice President.

Now that we’ve dispelled the media myth that a smoking gun is needed to impeach Joe Biden, let me debunk this illusion of access talking point once and for all.

• FACT: Hunter Biden’s associates were invited to the White House over 80 TIMES when Joe was vice president
• FACT: Joe Biden spoke with Hunter Biden business associates at least 20 TIMES by phone.
• FACT: Hunter Biden flew at least 15 TIMES on Air Force 2, many times meeting with business associates
• FACT: Hunter Biden’s Mexican billionaire business associates flew on Air Force 2
• FACT: Hunter Biden worked events, such as at an April 22, 2005 social gathering, where Joe and Hunter tag-teamed to arrange business clients
• FACT: Joe Biden used pseudonyms to send official government information to Hunter Biden, and at least once copied him using his business address
• FACT: Hunter Biden’s associates sent multiple requests for favors to the White House. Rosemont Seneca Partners, for example, exchanged over 1,000 emails on business matters. The White House has refused to turn over 200 such emails.
• FACT: Jonathan Li, a Hunter Biden business associate, wired him $10,000 and $250,000 while listing Joe Biden’s home address. Devon Archer testified Joe Biden had dinner with Li in Beijing and wrote college recommendation letters for Li’s children
• FACT: Hunter Biden threatened a Chinese businessman to pay up or face his wrath. “I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled.” The threat worked. The man would wire $100,000 within 24 hours. The Chinese businessman, Henry Zhao, has been missing since 2018 and is likely dead. Forensic investigators found that it is quite possible for Joe Biden to have been “in the room” with Hunter during this threat.
• FACT: Joe Biden met IN PERSON with Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskiy, who is alluded to on this transcript. This was in 2015, prior to the records showing that Joe Biden was likely behind the shift to pressure Ukraine to ‘fire the prosecutor’ Shokin
• FACT: Joe Biden met IN PERSON with Moscow mayor’s wife Elena Baturina, who wired $3.5 million to a Hunter Biden firm. Baturina would mysteriously escape sanctions under both the Obama presidency and the Biden presidency.

This isn’t an “ILLUSION OF ACCESS.” This is more access than corrupt businessmen and foreign agents could ever DREAM of having to a White House.

Keep the faith, America. One way or another, accountability is coming for these shameless, lying politicians.

The Democrats’ behavior at the Biden impeachment inquiry is something we’ve seen before. When all the stops were pulled out on January 6th to prevent Americans from hearing evidence of voting irregularities in the 2020 election.

The Dems bridled at the thought of further scrutiny of the election, such as Ted Cruz’s proposal that a commission be formed, similar to that one formed in the 1876 election, to review the votes of states where election slates were being challenged.

Everything appeared to be on the table to disrupt that fair hearing. And America moved on. And the nation is the weaker for it. Because there was no satisfactory resolution in the minds of tens of millions of American voters.

Not just Trump supporters, mind you, but even many Democrats acknowledged that the election was not quite up to the standard of being the most secure in history, as was trumpeted endlessly in the mainstream media.

We’re a bit wiser to the Radical Democrats’ ways. We must be prepared for their hijinks, and their obstruction, and their deception, because there is no low too low for them. All they care about is retaining power, because it means trillions of our dollars at their disposal to give away to their radical activist allies.

It also means they can get rich quick in Washington, D.C. Nobody knows how. There are no “smoking guns” that they are selling access and trading favors and being compromised by foreign powers like China.

That’s what all their grandstanding and theatrics and juvenile temper tantrums are really all about. They don’t want to grant legitimacy to any mechanism of accountability that can hold them to account and restore the power of the government into the service of the people, instead of the people in the service of them and their tremendous egos.

America cannot be free with this state of affairs. But there’s only one thing that can set the nation free:  The Truth

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