Loonies running the White House, Lobbyists and special-interest groups have overtaken Capitol Hill

“There is a bunch of loonies running the White House, Lobbyists and special-interest groups have overtaken Capitol Hill”

Biden China
Asian American leaders press Biden for more diverse Cabinet picks.
Since when do any leaders press our American President for anything?
This is what happens when you sleep with the enemy.

Our President is in China’s pocket.
Let’s be for real America our Democrat elected “Let’s Go Brandon” garbage for a president is so deep in China’s pocket he is not able to think straight. His whole family is China influenced. We need to focus on investigating Hunter’s Laptop, investigating his brothers property neighboring with the biggest child sex trafficking criminal of our time. And “Let’s Go Brandon” has been the most racist human alive in America for the past 36 years.
I am not talking Bullsh#t, these are suppressed facts by Americas Media.
Media is disgraceful to suppress Hunter Biden Reports, Big Tech (Facebook & Twitter), election Results and this insane Covid disaster. Americans know who the media that Fu#ked America is.
Especially The CNN crime family who helped f#$k all Americans by hiding the truth. As the coverup proceeded CNN had time to promote fake news, riots, homophobic attacks, sexual harassment, and sexual predators who have sex with children. And they are still broadcasting? Since when is Harboring Sexual Predators carry no consequences? These are not lies these are the”FACTS”. I wish Big Tech would attempt to fact check any of this?
Have you took the time to look who “Let’s Go Brandon’s” nominees are lately?
Dale Ho – Judicial Nominee
Sung – Nominee Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.
Saule Omarova – Nominee top banking regulators
Katherine Tai – Trade Nominee
Gary Locke – Endorsement
Erika Moritsugu – Biden’s new liaison to Asian Americans
America have you not seen enough?
For all you Americans in Denial,
Where I come from, If you say that someone is in someone else’s pocket, you disapprove of the fact that the first person (“Let’s Go Brandon”)is willing to do whatever the second person (Xi Jinping) tells them, for example out of WEAKNESS or in return for MONEY.
And when there is no consequences for this evil in America, the only ones that will suffer are all of us AMERICANS.

Just know the strategy has been well documented in Chinese literature, published and sanctioned by organizations of the People’s Liberation Army, for well over 50 years.
“China’s Grand Plan To Take Over The World”
John Mauldin predicts an unprecedented crisis that will lead to the biggest wipe out of wealth in history. And most investors are completely unaware of the pressure building right now.

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