System Failure

Start Of 2020 Election.

Journalist are being bought and paid for. Our FBI has alleged committed treason. Respect is lost in America. There’s no longer true Journalist in America. The few left struggling to make sense are blog journalist. Our Political parties allowed rioting and violence in the streets with no accountability. Our government has allowed the biggest fraudulent election, with no accountability. Forfeiting trust in America. No one will ever believe in American government again until accountability is enforced. Our government has moved away from governing. America is now about the money. U.S. Elected government committing election fraud, murders, soliciting crime, taking payoffs, border’s wide open, starting wars, dealing drugs, Laundering money, illegal inside trading, pedophilia, molestation, and incest, as part of their agenda. And the DOJ holds no one accountable? They are allowing Democratic affiliates and those Americans who agree no longer accountable for violations of our Constitutional or laws.

They are trying to make a dictatorship.

This is a dangerous recipe for disaster and is the number one creator of violence in America. It is fact that all the violence is created by the leader ship in America. This is represented by Joe Biden and the White House. Many Americans were shielded from the truth about the Biden crime family. Allowing the opportunity for election fraud. They do not want you to watch (2000 Mules) Documentary that clearly explains the election fraud and how it happened in 2020. You can also thank the fake news movement. Yes, journalist who lied to the American people and continue to harbor many truths to the election fraud. Journalist acts of treason! These and many lawless crimes continue to reflect on Americans, causing their actions to commit violence knowing there will be no accountability. In our past Americans have always been lead by example. Our great country has made great accomplishments one President after another. Until now. Until this fraudulent election 2020? Everything is falling apart. Examples made by this establishment have been nothing short of vile. This is a America under assault by our own government. This is domestic terrorist right here at home. We are harboring the largest fraudulent government in Americas history.

And the entire World is watching…..

This U.S.A. government agenda is about making money.

Government no longer cares about you and I, the people.


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