Biden Destroying America

Violence is not always “Racism” or “Gun Control”

Violence within America,

This is exactly where our Government is leading all young Americans. Isn’t it obvious, Young People are just copying the lawless lefts actions. No one is being held accountable. The Biden administration should be held accountable for all violent deaths since Biden’s corrupt election. This is not Biden’s first time getting away with murder. Remember the Afghanistan Withdrawal? The Biden administration refuses to follow the Constitution or the law of the land. So these young people think it’s OK to mimic. Our president with the left and their actions continue to be in violation of all our laws. Lawless acts continue against our Constitution of Laws every day. These actions reflect on the behaviors of all people young and old. These young people are being led by example !And truly believe their actions are acceptable.

“Biden has failed his own children,
and now he is failing all of our children.”

“Impeach Biden”

The most fundamental lessons in life is those in charge are supposed to lead our Country by example. He is supposed to Love America. He is supposed to protect America. He is supposed to put America first. He is supposed to believe in America. He is supposed to be willing to do whatever it takes to make America Great.

Biden Promotes THis Shit

Pushing LGBTQ+ books on kids, targeting kindergartners with sexual identity classes, mentally confusing our children.

Impeach Biden and the entire left before completely destroying America.

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